About Us-Marriage Lakewood, WA

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to the Singing O Company.

We are a husband/wife team excited about love, relationships, and getting chemicals and man-made products out of our personal care routines. The Singing O Company, and our signature product, were born shortly after we were married out of our desire for a natural product we felt good about using. We tried many of the products available on the market, but we either didn't like the way they felt or we didn't like the ingredients... so we started experimenting with the oils in our kitchen.

Fast-forward a few years, and lots of trials (wink), and we have a product we love so much we wanted others to be able to use it too. It's like nothing else you've tried. We hope you'll check out our all natural intimate lubricant and the other natural products we've developed.

Here are a few things you can count on when you're looking at our products:

  • Everything you see is natural - there are no artificial chemicals or fragrances, and everything is plant-based 
  • The products are made with love for love
  • Your satisfaction is our highest priority